JBB’s Media Projects

Family & Friends Photo Project

I began the Family Photo Project over a decade ago in order to pass on this history that was quickly fading.

Bunny Buchert - https://www.facebook.com/BunnyBuchertPinUpModel

Pin-Up Photography

Pretty girls I’ve been lucky enough to photograph.

2010-05-14 STS132 Atlantis Launch

Space Cadet

I’ve been a NASA fan-boy my whole life, going back to watching rocket launches on TV in the early 1960s.


Joe Bustillos Music

Writing and music were my first loves

2017-06-30 Oak Hill Drifters at Route 46: (l-r) Swami, Tom Pearce, Joe Bustillos, Tristan Spears (front), Tom Cooper, Craig Roy, Rachel Decker and friend

Oak Hill Drifters (Music)

Became a fan in 2015, became a friend in 2016

2008-02-15 Neva at TacoBeach - 052

NEVA Music

Powerful voice, powerful playing, powerful soul and a good friend.

2017-07-17 NYC Subway with Brandon & Stephanie

Travels & Events

I love road trips and spending days and weeks exploring new places.

2018-02-03 LEGO women of nasa

Lego Adventures

Images and videos of my LEGO builds.

Video Projects

I got into video creation because sometimes a story is better told with pictures and sound than with words on a page.